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Service Coordination: Accessing resources for children with complex needs
Service Coordination is probably the most complicated process we handle, because it is intended to help kids with the most complicated challenges. If you work with a child who needs help in many areas of his or her life, and needs services from multiple agencies, you might need to learn about Service Coordination.

In less than 15 minutes, you can learn what the Service Coordination Team does, and when it is appropriate to access this resource for a child, on this FREE, IMMEDIATE TRAINING VIDEO.

Also, you will find a wealth of resources in the Service Coordination section.

If you feel like you need more insights, call to have a quick conversation with our staff Service Coordination specialist, (216) 698-2875.

If your staff needs an in-person training on Service Coordination or other topics related to children and families, call (216) 698-2875.

Presentations: You can connect with our knowledgeable speakers and presenters

We can provide in-person presentations on various topics that concern kids, families, and health and human services, based on your needs. In the past, we have spoken on these topics:

To request a presentation, or to request our involvement in your outreach fairs or other public education events, contact our staff Communications specialist, 216-698-2875.

Also, if you or your agency presents on child well-being topics, you may be invited to speak to our Council. Contact our staff Communications specialist to let us know your area of expertise.

Training: For youth workers
Our partner for out-of-school time programs, Starting Point, offers various professional development opportunities, with a special focus on center-based or family child-care home professionals. Starting Point often works with the Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute (CCYWI) and the Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellowship Program to develop local workers.

To learn more, call Starting Point at (216) 575-0061.

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Directory of Child & Family Public Service Agencies for Cuyahoga County: Our ultimate resource guide for families. We connect you to public systems and helpful people.

to fuel your vision for a healthy, stable future for Cuyahoga County families

Our Council funds programs that prevent risky behaviors, child abuse or neglect, and other poor outcomes for families. Any Request for Proposals (RFP) that we issue will post through the county’s Office of Procurement and Diversity.

Also, visit the Foundation Center either in person or online to search for funders. The Foundation Center offers a database of donors and grant-making organizations to support your cause.

to help inform your work

Find our documents, including data briefs, comprehensive evaluations reports, and annual reports.

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