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AT&T awards $10,000 to Students of Promise program

Original press release from Students of Promise. This Closing the Achievement Gap program is also supported by the Family & Children First Council (FCFC) of Cuyahoga County.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Students of Promise has been selected by AT&T to receive a $10,000 contribution to support their mentoring programs.
Specifically, AT&T’s contribution will provide individualized support and mentoring to under-served students at risk of failing or dropping out of high school. The program provides after school support and it exposes the students to various college campuses through their annual college visitation program. AT&T’s contribution will fund an upcoming event for the students to visit Howard University and Georgetown University.
The Students of Promise program is a Closing the Achievement Gap Initiative (CTAG), in direct response to the academic, social and emotional needs of targeted students. We are committed to help bolster academic achievement, attendance, matriculation to the next grade level and performance outcomes in our students while reducing negative behavior trends and addressing non-academic barriers to success. The Students of Promise program is designed to strengthen the relationships and skill sets our young people need to succeed while engaging parents, families and the entire learning community.
“AT&T’s generous contribution will support Students of Promise so that every student in our area can work to graduate high school, complete college or a vocational school and become strong, successful members of our society,” said Bob Ivory, Director, Students of Promise.
“I’m encouraged by the great work of this program and its students, as well as the support AT&T has provided,” said Cuyahoga County Councilman Pernel Jones, Jr. “Workforce preparation efforts like these are so important to keep our communities vibrant. I hope other organizations are able to do as AT&T has and offer additional help to the Students of Promise program.”

“AT&T is thrilled to partner with Students of Promise to focus on success in the classroom,” said Mylayna Albright, Vice President, External Affairs, Ohio, AT&T. “We believe that equipping our students to graduate ready for the workforce is an important issue for students, our company and our country.”

Congratulations, Students of Promise!