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"My teen wants to get and stay healthy. What are some good health resources?"

If you have questions about teen health issues, this page offers resources to help your child stay healthy. Everyone has health issues that come up at some point in their lives. If a teen is not feeling well or has concerns about their health, they may want to see a doctor. Seeking medical care promptly is important and a much better option than guessing, especially since untreated or misdiagnosed illnesses may lead to more serious conditions. By knowing what is wrong, the child can receive proper treatment and feel their best.

Remember, in case of a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room!

General Health

Better Health USA

Provides healthy eating tips for teens and important information on carbohydrates, protein, and other nutritional supplements. It even offers healthy recipe ideas.

BrainPOP: Health
Subscription site provides animated movies about your body and your health. Everything you need to know about your organs, changes in your body, diseases that might affect you, and taking good care of yourself.

The healthy youth section of the Center for Disease Control’s website offers links to resources on teenage health, fitness, sexual health, nutrition, alcohol and tobacco use and sickness and disease facing teenagers.

Relationships, eating disorders, and wellness 

Go Ask Alice

Provides information and answers to teen health questions about emotional and physical health, fitness and nutrition, sexual health, relationships, and drugs and alcohol.
Uses videos created by teenagers to show the importance of staying healthy. 

Teens Health
Offers resources and information on health topics ranging from your mind and body to food and fitness, and healthy recipes.

Talking with Teens
The HHS Office of Adolescent Health gives tips to parents who want to talk to their children about health issues.

Other helpful links, provided by kids

Thanks to Chad, Julia, Jacqueline, Sam, Darion, and Mark from Mrs. Svensson's Independent Health Study Class for researching and suggesting these health links:

Thanks to the youth development program from the Goodwin Community Center for researching and suggesting this health link:

More HEALTH articles and resources

Many of these resources were originally published as part of Get It Facts in collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Cuyahoga County does not necessarily endorse the resources provided in this collection of articles. Also, any inaccuracies or omissions are unintentional.