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Abuse and Neglect Prevention (Ohio Children’s Trust Fund)

The Ohio legislature created the Ohio Children's Trust Fund (OCTF) Board in 1984 (Ohio Revised Code 3109.13-18). The Children’s Trust Fund is funded by revenues from surcharges on birth and death certificates and divorce and dissolution decrees. The funds are earmarked through a formula based on the number of children living in each county. OCTF also earns investment income from the Community Based Child Abuse Prevention federal grant, which is made available for additional prevention programs and special initiatives. Local allocations are awarded on a biennial basis for primary and secondary prevention programs, serving children and families in all of Ohio's 88 counties. The Children's Trust Fund is Ohio's largest funding source for child abuse and neglect prevention.  

Funds from OCTF can only be used for:

Primary prevention programs
Primary programs include activities or services designed to prevent or reduce the prevalence of child abuse and neglect by educating the public, strengthening families, or influencing policy issues.  

Secondary prevention programs
Secondary programs are those activities or services targeted at special populations at risk of abuse and neglect.  

Programs can be administered by public or private agencies including schools and universities.  

Programs comprising activities or services that provide ongoing treatment or services to identified abusers or victims, or tertiary prevention programs, are ineligible for funding. The criteria used by OCTF in determining an identified abuser or victim is whether or not the individual has an open protective services case existing in the system (SACWIS).     

For more information, please contact Denise Hudson at (216) 443-5926.