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About Us

Learn more about our 20+ year history

On our Council, people like you join specialists from every county agency that serves children. We talk to each other. We share resources. We advance new ideas. We bring people together to make lasting progress for those of us who provide, fund, or need family services.

We combine our expertise and assets to make public systems better for families. 

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Together, Council members look at what works for families and what doesn’t. We plan. Our goal isn’t to create more services or programs from scratch. It is to improve on what is already there by better connecting people and resources.

So how do we help you? It depends on how you help families.

If you are a parent or caregiver who is helping your own family grow and thrive, we connect you to: 

Our programs and resources help your family be its best.

If you are a young person between the ages of 13 and 18, we connect you to:

If you are a professional who helps kids or families in Cuyahoga County, we can connect you to education and networking opportunities.

How did FCFC start?

Our history

Ohio’s state government has a Family & Children First Council, and so do all 88 Ohio counties.

In 1993, FCFCs became law. The law requires every county to “develop and implement a process that annually evaluates and prioritizes services, fills service gaps where possible, and invents new approaches to achieve better results for families and children.”

The law also lists specific priorities: 

Each year, our members craft our Shared Plan, also called a Child Well Being Plan, for the state. In the plan, we highlight our priorities for meeting the needs of children and families.

Learn more about our 20+ year history.

What is important to FCFC members?

What’s important to us? The same thing that is important to you: families and kids. We aim to make things better for all the families and kids in Cuyahoga County.

Early on, our Council members thought a lot about what is important to us as a group. We drafted a mission, vision, values, and areas of accountability to guide all of our decisions:  

Areas of Accountability