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Our Programs

We offer to families: 

AFTER-SCHOOL and prevention programs for kids
LEADERSHIP opportunities for parents, teens
EMPLOYMENT or career awareness for teens
ADVICE or resources for children who are troubled

We also help unite public systems and agencies to better plan services for families, collaborate, and work together to pursue new ideas for children’s wellness.

Resources for children, youth & families:

Out-of-School-Time Activities: 
A referral service is available for after-school and summer programs through Starting Point.

Age: Any age child or teen

Contact: (216) 575-0061

College Readiness:

For resources to help reach and finance higher education, visit College Now of Greater Cleveland.

Age: Teen

Contact: (216) 241-5587 

Scenarios USA:
Scenarios USA
is a national non-profit organization that gives teens the reins to create their own media on issues that shape their lives, such as HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, peer-pressure, communication, drug/alcohol use, violence and self-esteem. The mission is to help young people make healthier and safer decisions about their lives and relationships by sharing their ideas, imagination, and knowledge with their peers.

Age: Teen

Contact: (216) 443-2030

In addition to after-school and summer activities, we support targeted programs or approaches to help prevent risk behaviors in children and families. These efforts include:

Children of Incarcerated Parents (CIP): Key agencies have been meeting since 2013 to develop a coordinated, comprehensive service system to address the unique needs of children of incarcerated parents in Cuyahoga County.

Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG) Students of Promise: The program partners with students who need extra guidance to reach future goals. It aims to increase academic achievement and positive outcomes for students, increase school attendance, promote students to their next grade level and through to graduation, and reduce negative behaviors.

Families and Schools Together (FAST): FAST uses weekly group sessions set within a child’s school to achieve its four goals: enhance family functioning; prevent children from failing in school; prevent substance abuse by the child and other family members; and reduce the stress that parents and children feel in daily life situations.

Family Centered Services and Supports (FCSS): These resources are available to service teams that help involve families in service planning and implementation, critical to successful treatment outcomes.

Service Coordination: Parents of children from birth to age 21 can access advice or connections to resources when their child is struggling. A Service Coordination specialist through the Family & Children First Council can provide information to families of children or teens who are troubled or need supports.

   Another resource under Service Coordination: Community Assistance

Teen Pregnancy Prevention: This is a set of prevention strategies for reducing teen pregnancy through school and community-based education.

Youth Leadership:
The Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition is a civic leadership and service learning program through Ohio State University Extension.

Age: 13–18

Contact: (216) 429-8200, ext. 234, or 

Youth Internships: 

Work and career awareness experiences are available through Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.).

Age: 14–19


In addition to our funded programs above, we highlight helpful programs and resources that support children and families, like:

Neighborhood-based Youth Development Resources:

MyCom is a youth development network based in several neighborhoods and offering an array of opportunities.

Public Agencies:
If your child might need services from a public agency, like mental health, child welfare, or juvenile court, use this Services Directory to find your connection to any Cuyahoga County agency that serves children.